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The tommy gun, as it came to be called, used the colt m1911 grip and its dependable. Here tom is showing the proper procedures to load and operate the 50 and 100 round thompson drum magazines. Tommy gun official playerunknowns battlegrounds wiki. The new onehundred round thompson c drum from kahr arms. Rugged, reliable 50round drum magazine designed for. Gun magazine talks more on real steel and model guns. Kahr auto ordnance 1927a1 tommy gun model t1d 45acp. Navy model and others, were created by altering offtheshelf 1921 models.

How many rounds can a tommy gun with a drum magazine hold. Newest issue, magazine only, shipping not included gun magazine monthly pages. Auto ordnance ammo drum for the thompson submachine gun. Built to last, with a durable abs plastic body and highgrade abs gears and gearbox, the thompson m1a1 rifle is the most realistic entrylevel aeg to come along in some time. Thompson box and drum magazine guide thompson submachine. The fully automatic rifle features a highcapacity 1,000roundcapacity drum magazine, along with a rechargeable battery, charger, and tactical sling.

This gun takes the 100round drum mags, too, as well as the classic 50round drum mags and 20round stick mags. He originally envisioned an auto rifle semiautomatic rifle to replace the bolt action service rifles then in use, but he came across a patent issued to john bell blish in 1915 while searching for a way to allow his weapon to operate safely without the complexity of a recoil or gasoperated reloading mechanism. Apr 20, 2010 a tommy gun s cartridge could exactly one round. Did allied soldiers use thompson m1928a1 submachine gun with. If the tension was too light or too tight, the gun would malfunction. The thompson submachine gun is arguably the most recognizable. The simmons da200sb electronic drum amp combines the power of 200 watts with advanced audio connectivity and complete tone sculpting. M1919 thompson serial number 17 as it appears in early sales literature, with 50round drum magazine 20round box and 100round drum beside. Soft air thompson m1a1 electric powered airsoft gun with.

Magazines march 2018 issue does your drumming feel stagnant. Next a 50round drum magazine was placed into the carbine, again with no malfunctions. Will not fit thompson guns made in west hurley, ny or before 1990. Most blue guns can be ordered in blue, black, or period gun finish. The tommy gun is best known for being the weapon of choice of. History of the thompson submachine gun tommy gun, including its. There are foam cutouts for the 50 round drum magazine and 2 foam cutouts for 30 round stick magazines. This is an auto ordnance factory 100round drum magazine for thompson submachine guns in. Thompson submachine gun internet movie firearms database. Tommy gun should be compared to uzi rather than ump.

Thompson 50 round drum magazine kahr firearms group. Model and others, were created by altering offtheshelf 1921 models. These materials are protected by and other intellectual property laws. Usually they will compare the real steel against airsoft. The cheapest gun you can buy and why its not horrible. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at. Find deals on the cybergun thompson drum magazine 426rds. The impressive look and feel of the drum magazines are unsurpassable. Standard manufacturing 1922 thompson semiautomatic gun on sale. Thompson tommy gun drum magazine type l 50 round drum. May 05, 2017 standard manufacturing 1922 thompson semiautomatic gun u. No more tommy guns in crates, will be spawned in houses.

Rings manufacturing crafts the most detailed, accurate and extensive line of firearm simulators on the market today. So the drum magazine was ditched for the 20 round and 30 round stick magazines. Completely 3d printed minus the spring and a few pins. The magazine of a tomy gun may hold 20 or 30 rounds for a stick magazine or 50 for a drum magazine. Paintball gun drum first strike paintballs 3d printing.

These magazines are factory original replacement magazines made in the same factory and to the same specifications as the magazines that came with your gun. While 100 round ctype drum magazines for the thompson do exist, pubg used the model of the 50 round ltype drum magazine. This magazine is compatible with modern thompson 1927a1 models manufactured in worcester, ma. Buy with confidence with our hassle free returns and excellent customer service. Rated for fullauto fire, the lowprofile drum is still compact enough for shooting from the prone position. The thompson submachine gun general information forums. This is the first time in history that a scaled thompson has been available for sale and this marvel of engineering will certainly become the centerpiece of your collection. The thompson submachine gun tommy gun used a drum magazine in its classic form, but the drum magazines for this. The thompson submachine gun is an american submachine gun invented by john t. This is why us troops didnt use drum magazines in tommy guns. The magazine was either a circular drum that held 50 or 100 rounds or a box that held. The thompson submachine gun was also known informally as the tommy gun, street.

The rifle fits perfectly in the case and there is no movement once the latches are snapped closed. Extended mag drum for tommy gun pubg magazines pubg guide. New will fit modern thompson guns made in worcester, ma. Jun 14, 2011 this 50 round denix made drum magazine fits the denix 1928 military version thompson and is a extra drum magazine for the denix 1928 commercial version, better known as the tommy gun. The thompson submachine gun is an american made submachine gun, invented by john t. This is a discussion on thompson drum magazine within the bill ricca forums, part of the gun professionals category. The tommy gun, the chicago typewriter, the trench sweeper all well known nicknames for the thompson submachine gun. Protect your tommy gun and show up at the range in style with this brand new hard case. Thompson tommy gun drum magazine type l 50 round drum magazine manufactured by auto ordnance, west hurley, n. Integral hand wheel makes it easy to crank back the spring for quick loadingunloading. The only problem i have with your comments is that the solution to making usgi surplus magazines fit the semi auto. Nickname for the thompson submachine gun an automatic firearm with a distinctive drum magazine and. The normal size for the ammo in wwii was a 230 grain bullet. The new onehundred round thompson c drum from kahr arms by frank iannamico a brief history of the c drum the round drumtype magazine is often viewed as an essential part of the thompson submachine gun image and legend.

Cybergun 450 rd hicap drum magazine for tokyo marui. A thompson is just not a thompson without the most famous accessory item ever the drum magazine. Not an actual drum magazine but actually a spent smg magazine from the tommy gun. Modern soldier poses with tommy gun thompson submachine gun. As if its official names werent awesome enough, the tommy guns. It will not fit firearms made in west hurley, ny or before 1990. A thompson just isnt a thompson without the most famous accessory item ever the drum magazine. Since 1999, kahr arms has been proud to support the legacy of the autoordnance corporation, the original maker of the famous thompson submachine gun. Thompson ta5 is one of the most famous accessories, the drum magazine. Before it was officially called the thompson submachine gun, it was the annihilator because it, well, annihilated everything. Ok, so your tommy gun wont be any more street legal than al capones was.

Sep 30, 2014 a 10 round magazine is furnished with the gun and a 50 round drum is under development. The thompson submachine gun tommy gun used a drum magazine in its classic form, but the drum magazines for this weapon were abandoned on the world war ii models. Get maximum firepower with auto ordnances allsteel 100round drum magazine for thompson submachine guns. Dec 17, 2017 believe it or not, the drum magazines would have been used just as much as the 20 or 30 round box magazines. Both law breakers and law enforcers favored this hard hitting, compact weapon. First time shooting a tommy gun, second time all together shooting a full auto weapon all together. The m1921 thompsons could accommodate either 20round box magazines or 50round cylindrical drum magazines. Things you didnt know about the thompson submachine gun. Compared to uzi, tommy gun has better magazine size, 1. The fifty round capacity drum was first introduced commercially along with the colt manufactured thompsons, back in 1921.

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